15 Fitness And Diet Tips For Good Health, Body And Mind

15 Fitness And Diet Tips For Good Health, Body And Mind

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In today’s busy life, by balancing the job, career, family, relations, stress, workload we are not paying enough attention to our body’s health and fitness. We are even neglecting small-small things which we should follow in our daily routine to stay healthy and fit. Due to which we face many health related problems, diseases and troubles. Its important that we should give some time for our body and follow some basic fitness and diet tips to lead healthy and fit lifestyle.

Here we are giving 15 fitness and diet tips which helps you live healthy and fit lifestyle.

1. Do exercise regularly

girl doing exercise

We know that to make time for exercise is difficult in our busy life, but if you want to be fit and healthy, then you have to do at least 1 hour of exercise everyday, because if we do the exercise, then we can avoid the diseases like cancer, heart problems, diabetes etc. By exercising, your personality will also improve and at the same time your health will also be good.

2. Healthy breakfast

healthy breakfast - fitness and diet tips

You should take heavy Morning breakfast and include healthy food in it. Don’t skip the breakfast. You should have breakfast in the morning by about 9 o’clock. In the morning’s breakfast, you can include oats, eggs, protein pancakes, protein shake, milk, omlette, brown bread, fruits etc.

3. Drink plenty of water

drinking water- fitness and diet tips

There is a saying that water is life, the biggest secret of fit people is that they drink plenty of water in a day, because whatever work we do in the day, it takes energy to do that. We can improve that energy by drinking lot of water. So we have to start our day with 2 to 3 glasses of water as soon as we wake up in the morning. We often make the mistake that we have very little water during winter, in winter we can use hot water. Drinking plenty of water is one of the most important fitness and diet tips.

4. Avoid stress

woman in stress because of work

If you are doing 9 to 5 jobs, then you obviously have to face stress, but we can overcome this stress, while we are at work on the computer all day in the office, during this time we should take some break every hour and play games, walk, do some stretching.

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5. Keep blood pressure normal

keep blood pressure normal

High blood pressure disease has become a common phenomenon in men & women due to the frustration and stress arising due to stiff competition in life. Regular exercise helps to keep blood pressure levels normal and due to this, the risk of heart attacks and heart diseases are also reduced.

6. Eat fruits and dry fruits

fruit & dry fruits- fitness and diet tips

During the day we should eat something within every hour in which we can eat fresh fruits or dry fruits, dry fruits from which the real water content is removed by natural or artificial methods. Dried fruits have higher nutritional value than fresh fruits. They contain essential vitamins and minerals that fight many types of diseases, even eliminate many chronic diseases.

7. Healthy lunch

healthy lunch - fitness and diet tips

In lunch, you can have a normal meal which is healthy and tasty in which you can include Pulses (lentils), brown rice, eggs, fish, salads can be included in the meal, milk – yogurt, fruit etc. can be included because a healthy lunch can help you get energy throughout the day.

8. Make yourself flexible

flexible woman - fitness and diet tips

To make yourself flexible, you get into the habit of getting up on the maximum ground and sitting, bending or working. This flexibility will bring into your body. Always start your workout by doing 15-20 minutes of warm up and finish your workout with 5-10 minutes of stretching.

9. Check BMI regularly

person checking BMI

Body Mass Index(BMI) will give you the idea about your ideal body weight. It will show you the your body fats based on your height and weight. This will help you track your body weight and how to maintain ideal body weight.

10. Have a light dinner

healthy dinner - fitness and diet tips

We should take the dinner very light, because in the night we don’t do any work or physical activity, due to which we cannot digest our heavy dinner. Therefore, we should take dinner very light, like brown rice, lentils, roti, or milk. Remember, you should not sleep immediately after having your dinner. There should be 2-3 hours of gap between your dinner and sleep.

11. Avoid fast food

fast food

If you want to be fit and healthy, then you stay away from eating outside and fast food. Because this is harmful for our body. Avoid fast foods like pizza, burger, french fries, roll etc. It also one of the most important fitness and diet tips.

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12. Take enough sleep

woman sleeping

Just like our elders say that we should sleep early in the night and wake up early in the morning, so it is very important for us to sleep enough. If you do not wish to wake up in the morning or feel tired, then try to get enough sleep. Because getting enough sleep can prevent mental illnesses and physical illnesses.

13. Do genetic testing

genetic testing

Nowadays some diseases are also being genetic in people like sugar, heart disease, cancer etc. That is why if there is any problem in knowing your genetic history, you should immediately talk to the doctor about it.

14. Aerobics and dance


Do aerobics exercises 4-5 times week for at least 30 minutes. It can be trekking, swimming, jogging. You can also do dance exercises like zumba, hip-hop, belly dance and many more.

15. Increase blood circulation

blood circulation

When you exercise, the blood circulation of the body becomes faster and the blood supply in the body also starts increasing. Blood arteries spreads and shrinks in the body as per the need of blood. But when the adult begins to live a life of rest, no physical activity or exercise is done, then cholesterol accumulates in blood arteries and the blood arteries shrinks, which eventually causes heart attack

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