5 Weight Lifting Tips For Beginner: Make Workout Effective

5 Weight Lifting Tips For Beginner: Make Workout Effective

In addition to general exercise, if you want to do strength workouts then you will definitely need weight lifting exercises. In such a situation, this change becomes quite difficult for those who try to do it for the first time. Suddenly, weight lifting exercise can make any new person a bit annoying, but it will gradually get into your habit. If you also want to include weight lifting in your fitness routine then you do not need to panic anymore. We will tell you in this article the Weight Lifting Tips For Beginner. Those people who start weight lifting exercises should adopt which tips that can make their workouts even better.

1. Start with your body weight

body weight exercise

To do weight lifting you first need to strengthen your muscles and your bones. You cannot do direct weight lifting exercises, it can be dangerous for you. For this you first practice with your own body weight. You can achieve strength training workouts with your weight, but body weight exercises are also a type of strength training. This is the most important Weight Lifting Tips For Beginner.

2. Use lightweight equipment

light weight equipment exercise

After exercising with body weight, you can incorporate some lightweight equipment into your strength training, which will gradually improve your workout. If you are exercising at home during this epidemic, then you can use the weight items at home. With this, you can gradually improve your workout and soon you can easily practice weight lifting exercises.

3. Do warm-up before workout

warm up pre-workout

Your body needs a good warm-up for any strength training or weight lifting workout. This makes your muscles and your bones well prepared for workouts. A dynamic warm-up is another important part of your pre-workout routine, as it motivates your muscles to do the work they are about to do and also helps to increase your range of motion.

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4. Lift the weight according your capacity & strength

woman lifting weight

After the onset of a few days, everyone often feels that they have managed to lift more and more weight, but do you know if you do this then you may have chances of injuries & many health problems too. Therefore, you should avoid lifting too much weight and try that you should lift your weight as much as you can. With this, you only do 2-3 small sets of 15-20 repetitions in the initial phase.

5. Do stretching after workout

stretching post-workout

Stretching or warm-up before a workout is as important as a post workout stretching for you. It works to keep your muscles right and prevent injury. In addition to this, it can also help in improving flexibility apart from relieving tension in your muscles. When you include strength exercises like weight lifting in your fitness routine then you must do post workout stretching. This is one of the most important Weight Lifting Tips For Beginner, because many of the beginner don’t do stretching post workout.

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